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About Us

Through science, we journey into the depths of human existence. We acknowledge and use the techniques learned over the years.

Through culture, we develop cus- toms and traditions that help us tell our stories.

Through community, we respect our heritage and share different ways of living.

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LOKA BREW WORKS are unique experiences that unite us as humans. It is a cultural exchange that winds us to learn about other civilizations through a beer made for a connected community.

We believe that learning and experiencing new cultures and customs enriches everyone's life. We want to share the real tasting notes, colors, and ingredients in our proposal of artisanal Belgian beers.

Our main drive is constant curiosity. Loka Brew Works is the messenger that connects people and traditions. The one entrusted with respecting, preserving and sharing the worldview of different civilizations. It's the carrier that holds the legacy created by the union of cultures.

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We work from history. We recognize and share the context behind each of our beer selections. Loka Brew Works is not only the au- thentic experience of the styles and tasting notes of our beer propo- sal, but also the stories that have made possible the cultural product we enjoy today.

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We preserve the techniques and care for the heritage of each recipe. By staying true to the ingredients and the science that helps us make our brew works, we secure the traditions born hundreds of years ago. Loka Brew Works exists thanks to the legacy of artisanal Belgian beers.